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Posted March 15, 2011

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Title Track Receives Early Acclaim with Immediate Radio Adds in Major Markets Including K-LOVE, Air 1 and WAY-FM Networks

(NASHVILLE, Tenn.) March 15, 2011óDove-winning band Building 429 enters into a new season as it joins the Provident Label Group family and announces its fifth studio album, set to release May 10, on Essential Records. Titled Listen To The Sound, Building 429 has crafted a record that is sonically vibrant and lyrically substantive, with songs that collectively acknowledge lifeís struggles, but point to the hope, grace and love of God.

The 10-song project is produced by Jason Ingram and Rusty Varenkamp (Tenth Avenue North, Sanctus Real) and Rob Hawkins (Fireflight). Blessed with one of the most distinctive voices in any genre of music, lead singer
Jason Roy, wrote or co-wrote nine of the ten tracks on the new album.

Roy says, ìIím a worship pastor now and that has been a huge part of the lyrical content of this record because many of the songs are about the lives that Iíve been involved with through working at my local church. The writing really does come from a much more honest place, as an overflow of the life that weíve lived over the last two or three years, especially this past year.î

Drummer Michael Anderson agrees, ìIndividually weíre all on a different spiritual level than weíve ever been,î he says. ìWe have great home churches now that weíre happily involved in. Our family lives at home are better than theyíve ever been and our relationship as a band is light years above what itís ever been. I think that really shows through with this new music.î

Roy adds, ìAll four of the guys in the band have come to the conclusion that we have finally made ëtheí record of our dreams in Listen To The Sound. People have come to expect something of Building 429. This record is going to break that expectation in the best possible way!î

The title track garners immediate national attention at radio as the first weeks of adds result in confirmations from all three K-LOVE, Air 1 and WAY-FM networks, plus commitments from 52 AC and CHR markets including Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Phoenix, Denver, Tampa and St. Louis.

Scott Smith, Music Director of K-LOVE says,ìI love the new Building 429 song, ëListen To The Soundí! The bandís fresh, new sound is one we believe that K-LOVE listeners will love.î

Corey Mann, Music Director for WHPZ South Bend, IN, adds, ìThis new record is everything AC needs in a band. Good songs with incredibly catchy sing-a-long moments, great guys, amazing live show, and a message that needs to be heard. One of the best of 2011.î

Roy acknowledges the uplifting messages shared on Listen To The Sound will encourage families struggling in this tough economy, people dealing with depression and other challenges. ìThis record keeps coming back to the point that this is not what we were made for, that this is not our home. It is hitting people in the midst of a struggle and reminding listeners they are not alone and hope is rising, but itís doing it in this pop kind of thing that makes you smile while you listen to it.î

The impact of Listen To The Soundís new hope-driven songs is already being felt within the bandís own family. Roy shares, ìI finished the record and I sent the songs to my dad and he literally asked me, ëdid you write these songs about me?í The answer to that question was ëno, not intentionally.í But it also proves to me that all of us struggle in a lot of ways with the same stuff. Itís how you choose to handle the situation that you are in that defines who you are.î

In the past few years, Roy, Anderson, guitarist Jesse Garcia and bassist Aaron Branch have toured heavily, hitting the road with Casting Crowns, tobyMac and other acts as well as headlining several treks. This month, Building 429 will headline a 20-city ìListen to the Sound Tourî kicking off late March, featuring guest artists, Australian rockers Revive and pop foursome Anthem Lights. Additionally, Building 429 will be partnering on tour with long-time supporters Food for the Hungry to secure sponsorships for children and families in Haiti as well as other impoverished countries.

Building 429 is best known for its 2004 breakout hit ìGlory Defined,î which was named BMIís Christian Song of the Year in 2005, and that same year Building 429 was named New Artist of the Year at the Gospel Music Associationís Dove Awards. From that launching point the band has been tirelessly playing 150 live shows a year, developing their own touring brands ìWinter Blastî and ìSummerFest,î and growing its dedicated fan base.

To watch new studio footage of the band, stream ìListen to the Soundî single and keep up with ìListen to the Sound Tourî dates, visit and


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