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Posted May 24, 2010

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Current Mission Marks the Third Year in a Row Matt Maherís Music Visits the Cosmos

(Nashville, Tenn.) May 24, 2010 ñ Itís safe to say that singer/songwriter and worship leader Matt Maherís music is out of this world, literally. His latest album Alive Again (9/22/09) is currently orbiting aboard space shuttle Atlantis, servicing its final scheduled journey after almost a quarter-century of missions. Atlantis launched from Kennedy Space Center on May 14, 2010, and will spend 12 days orbit and 7 days docked to the International Space Station where astronauts will deliver a Russian research module, along with other equipment and replacement parts.

Maherís music has become a staple carry-on item for NASA astronaut, Mike Good, who has officially selected Maherís song ìAlive Againî as one of his ìwake-up songsî -- not only reviving Good from an outer space slumber but the rest of the STS-132 and International Space Station crew as well.

Astronaut Good relayed a message of inspiration after a recent wake up call from NASA headquarters, ìGood morning Houston! Itís great to wake up here in space again. Weíre looking forward to another beautiful day docked at the International Space Station. I thank God for this opportunity to view the glory of His creation from this perspective -- and thanks to Matt Maher for that song, ëAlive Again.íî

This marks the third year in a row that Maherís music has visited the cosmos. In June 2008 and 2009 Mattís previous album Empty & Beautiful (4/8/08) found its way onto shuttle Discovery for NASA Mission STS-124 with astronaut Ron Garan and aboard Atlantis STS-125 with Mike Good.

ìI had the pleasure of meeting Mission Specialist, Mike Good when I was in Houston last year thanks to a friend of mine; seeing the NASA facility and hearing about the work that everyone there does was amazing, especially since, as a child, I always aspired to be an astronaut!î says Maher. ìMusic intersects with people's lives and inspires something unique from every person, so really, it's such an honor that he would choose one of my songs to start his day. Having my song played in space is one thing, but in context with what he says reminds me of what a great Man of God Mike is. It is such an honor to have my music start anyone's day.î

Space fans all over the country can view the International Space Station (where Atlantis is currently docked) in the clear nighttime skies by following this link:

Also, listen to the official ìwake-up songî ìAlive Againî broadcast through the space shuttle followed by astronaut Goodís response by clicking this link:

Matt Maher ñ worship leader, songwriter, singer and recording artist ñ has taken his calling as a ìmusical missionaryî to create a substantial impact on a national and global stage. As an award-winning songwriter, Maher gained notice as the writer of the internationally renowned modern-worship song, ìYour Grace Is Enough.î

Highly sought after for his poignant yet poetic writing style, Maher has recently had songs recorded by such artists as Chris Tomlin; Bethany Dillon; Phillips, Craig & Dean; Brenton Brown and others. In addition, Maherís songs have appeared in the top 10 ranked songs on the CCLI chart, marking their popularity in church worship services around the world.

Maher recently garnered six award nominations at the 41st Annual GMA Dove Awards including nods in the prestigious Song of the Year category and Worship Song of the Year for ìI Will Rise,î a song recorded by Chris Tomlin. He picked up another nod in the Worship Song of the Year category for the song ìAlive Againî as well as one for Praise & Worship Album of the Year for his acclaimed sophomore project Alive Again. Maher claimed a Dove Award in the Special Event Album of the Year category for his contribution on the Glory Revealed II: The Word of God in Worship project.

Amid busy touring and writing schedules, Maher finds it important to serve alongside ministries including Life Teen and Adore Ministries, while still playing an active role with Oregon Catholic Pressí Further, he serves as a regular host for Worship Togetherís ìNewsong CafÈ.î Maher, recently honored with a Praise Award as Worship Leaderís Breakout Artist of 2008, has been featured on the covers of Breakaway and Christian Single, performed live on ìFOX & Friends,î written for Billboard Magazine and is an active, bylined contributor to (, an interactive conversation on religion.

For more information on Matt Maher, please visit: For the latest in Matt Maher news and updates, follow him on twitter:


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