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Building 429

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With the release of 2011ís Listen to the Sound, Building 429 solidified its place as one of Christian musicís best-loved and most influential bands. The hit single ìWhere I Belongî became an anthem for todayís believers and was Billboard Magazineís No. 1 Christian song of 2012. The song set an impressive record as it became the first song to remain at No. 1 for 15 weeks, an unprecedented feat. Pushing forward with a renewed passion and sense of purpose, Building 429 now unleashes We Wonít Be Shaken.

ìWhen asked what we were trying to achieve with this record, we thought back to a plaque on our managerís desk, ëWhat would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?í We felt like that was the perfect mantra of this record,î frontman Jason Roy states. With bold declarations and its driven inspiration, the band has never had a more effervescent message to offer to listeners than it has now. ìWe know who we are better than ever before,î drummer Michael Anderson says, ìwho we are as men, who we are as husbands, who we are as Christ followers and that just pours into the music.î

In intentional efforts to serve its fans, Building 429 offers a fresh approach, yet delivers the absolute substance listeners want with the new project. ìWe feel like weíve made the most focused record of our career,î Roy says. ìWe knew what we were trying to accomplish. We wanted to push the limits of what people expect us to do while maintaining the absolute laser focus on meeting our current fans where they are.î

Passionate vocals, skilled musicianship and insightful songwriting have become the cornerstones of the Building 429 sound and they are in abundance on We Wonít Be Shaken. The title track is a battle cry for the church in these troubled times and the album is filled with songs that inspire believers to dream God-sized dreams and walk the Christian walk to the fullest extent. ìWe are as committed as weíve ever been to the body of Christ and to the church,î states Roy. ìAnd for us, we donít think that means we have to be less cool or less fun or less energetic. In fact we feel like we can be everything we want to be and speak directly to the church while at the same time having music that speaks to people who are non-believers. As we headline shows this year, we want to make sure the gospel is clear and we want to love on people. We want our album to convey that.î

We Wonít Be Shaken is a bold statement of faith by Jason Roy and his band mates Jesse Garcia (guitar), Aaron Branch (bass) and Michael Anderson (drums). The title track reverberates with passion and conviction as it encourages believers to stand strong in their faith. ìGet Upî is a vibrant up tempo that encourages action and reminds believers to remember what they were made for. ìSet a Fireî is a slow burning ballad that asks the Lord to rekindle that spark within. ìWrecking Ball (Press On)î stands out as a reflective mid-tempo declaration to trust God, no matter the ups and downs of life. ìBonfireî is an incendiary rock anthem anchored by Royís distinctive vocals and Andersonís pounding drums.

Branch cites ìBlamelessî as his favorite song on the new album. ìEveryone knows who they were before they were saved, but the Bible says we are now in Christ through God. In Godís eyes, weíre blameless,î Branch says. ìHis blood has washed us clean and weíre righteous through Him. The lyric says ëYou have made me blameless, sin has been made nameless, it doesnít matter who I was before.í Itís a powerful lyric to me, and then the sound of the song is very epic and it just adds to the lyric. It makes you feel like: ëI am blameless!í I love that song.î

In recording We Wonít Be Shaken, Building 429 worked again with producers Jason Ingram and Rob Hawkins. ìWeíve always enjoyed working with Jason Ingram and Rob Hawkins. They are not only great producers and writers, but impressive musicians,î states Garcia. ìThey know about guitar sounds and tones. To be in a room with somebody who is producing, but also has that same mindset and to be able to have an open palette, the experience was just so great. I love working with them.î

Unlike some bands that record separately, Building 429ís members were all in the studio together and that camaraderie can be heard in the tracks. ìItís funny when people walk into the studio and weíre tracking,î adds Roy. ìThey are shocked that weíre all four tracking and that weíre all talking to each other.î

The members of Building 429 are united in their desire to be bold about sharing its faith and want to encourage others to do so without fear or hesitation. The group has learned from experience that when God calls you, he equips you and you can do great things for the kingdom. ìWeíre confident in saying that weíre believers,î Roy continues. ìWeíre confident in saying that there is a better life as a believer.î

Building 429 hopes the songs on We Wonít Be Shaken remind people they are more than conquerors in Christ. ìWe donít want to spend a lot of time talking about who we were before Christ because the old is gone and new has come,î says Roy. ëWe wanted to talk about how David is no longer shepherd boy. Now heís King. We didnít want to talk about Moses the stutterer. We wanted to talk about Moses the leader of the nation. We really felt like we wanted to make a record that said, ëStand up! You have been called. We are Godís children. Who can stand against what God has begun?í Thatís really our perspective. If you listen to the record you find that thereís a little bit of bravado in it, but itís bravado from a standpoint of we donít have to always talk about how weak we are because His strength is made perfect in our weakness. Thatís what this record is about. This record says, ëHey, letís go! Letís do this. God is going to use us and weíre not going to fail.î

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