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Kerrie Roberts

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Even at the age of five, Kerrie Roberts stunned crowds with her vocals, singing solos with her church choir. ìI was so small, they had me stand on a milk crate so the congregation could see me,î she laughs. Today when you hear Kerrieís huge voice, it is clear thereís much more going on here than just enormous vocal talent. Dynamic yet intimate, uniquely emotive and soulful, the 10 songs on Kerrieís self-titled debut, Kerrie Roberts (Reunion Records/Provident Label Group), are defined by empathy and openness.

For this we can thank her devoted family, and the time she spent as a part of her fatherís ministry. ìMy father is a pastor, so my whole family has been shaped by the church,î explains Kerrie. ìGrowing up, I saw my parents ëon callí 24/7 as a support in times of grief, despair and other unexpected turns. They consistently taught me to reach out to the broken and to those who need encouragement and hope. Thatís something that resonates in me and something I love being a part of.î

Kerrieís mother also was instrumental in shaping her artistry. Indeed, thanks especially to her, music has always been a naturalóand centralópart of Kerrieís life. ìMy mother is extremely musical, and in church, is always directing the choir or leading worshipî explains Kerrie. ìAt home, you could always find her, my sister, and me singing around the piano.î

Kerrie began writing her first songs in high school, performing one during her own graduation. When the time came for college, Kerrie chose to get her degree in Studio Music and Jazz Vocal Performance at the University of Miami. ìLittle kids have dreams. For me, it was ëIím going to be a singer.í And I never grew out of it,î she says with smile.

As she finished college, Kerrie began the long, aching pursuit of doing music professionally. Always proactive, she continued writing, performing locally, and even toured for a year as a background singer with legendary icon Engelbert Humperdinck, all the while establishing new relationships in the music community.

While living in Florida, she financially enabled her music pursuits by teaching elementary school and working as an accountant. In 2008, she relocated to New York with two suitcases in hand, moving into a tiny apartment with almost no furniture. Working a desk job by day, she pursued her musical dream at night. But the dream frustratingly did not materialize into reality.

She wasnít desperate for a record dealÖ she was desperate for the right situation. She walked away from several offers until she was in the right place to make a commitment. But Kerrie is grateful for the professional journey that led her to the Kerrie Roberts debut release. ìThe thing Iím so thankful for from all those heartbreaking years is realizing how much those experiences have prepared me for where I am now,î she says.

Given the compassionate family and ministry that molded who Kerrie is, it is no surprise that her debut album displays as much heart and intellect as breathtaking talent. Or that, thematically, it explores the raw nature of faith, hope and love. These are songs for the brokenóand truthfully, thatís each of us.

ìNo Matter What,î the standout lead single, which opens the self-titled album, is a hypnotic delight that sets the lyrical tone for the entire record. ìGod has the power to save and protect you from all the pain that comes into your life, but there are times He chooses not to,î says Kerrie, who has writing credits on every song. ìNo Matter Whatí is a declaration to serve God because He saved you from your sin, not because Heís saving you from the pain of this life.î

Kerrieís songs repeatedly speak to the reality of such heartache and heartbreak. ìA lot of people eventually lose their faith when they expect Christianity to be all bright and shiny with a god who only answers their prayers with a ëyes.í I wanted this album to be an honest reflection of the Christian lifeóthat we serve a God who allows suffering but is with you through that suffering,î she says.

This passion for authentic faith permeates Kerrieís songwriting, informing every topic. Consider the emotively grand ìTake You Away.î With her dynamic vocal range and power on full display, Kerrieís unusual empathy not only beckons the wounded, it serves as a moving wake-up call to the church. She says, ìIf youíre someone whoís hurting, sometimes the local church is the last place you would want people to know the brokenness in your life, your weaknesses, or the mistakes youíve made. Yet, despite the religious pretending that goes on sometimes, everyone has things theyíre struggling with. Your church should be your family, where you can go and be safe, vulnerable, and taken care of. A healthy church is a church for the broken.î

If thereís one song on the album that sums up Kerrieís life-long philosophy, itís the beautiful and intense ìThis Love Doesnít Run.î She explains, ìFor me, this is the theme song for my life. Often, we pour so much of ourselves into other people and relationships, or chasing after personal goals. Yet so much of what you give away to those things you can lose. Godís love is the one thing that will never run from you.î Kerrie then quotes part of the songís second verse, ìíYouíre the only one I can live for and Iíll never have to be afraid of losing what I gave.í That says it all for my whole life.î

The artistís versatile voice and tastes are further displayed with ìKeep Breathing,î a moody, soul-flavored dose of encouragement. Kerrie penned the song almost three years ago. She reveals, ìI would wake up every morning with that feeling of ëWhy is my life not what I know it should be? I know something so clear, and yet Iím going to go do accounting today. What am I doing wrong?í Every day in my journal, I told myself to ëkeep breathing.í This has been the song from my past that family and friends have told me, ëI listen to it every day when I drive to work and it helps me get through.íî

ìíBeautiful to Meí wraps up the whole theme of the record,î explains Kerrie. ìItís incredible to see the beauty in Godís plan of salvation, that holy mystery of how He used destruction to bring life, and how that speaks to the pain in our lives. Itís a cry out to God, ëPlease make whatever this heartbreak is into something beautiful as only you can.íî

When asked what she wants her audience to walk away with, Kerrie says, ìI want to share the unconditional love that Iíve had poured into my own life. I hope that when people listen to these songs, and identify with the emotion in them, that they will know theyíre not alone. And ultimately,I want listeners to be filled with a sense of purpose - a realization of truth and a promotion of hope and healing.î

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