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Michael W. Smith
Reunion Records

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Even as defining as his platinum pop and worship albums have become, there is yet another musical side to Michael W. Smith that is as passionate and creative. Ask the multiple GRAMMY Award winner, whose songs have changed so many peoplesí lives, to discuss his favorite film scores, and something changes within him. Like a sports fan rattling off player stats, he runs through a list of movies and the composers who made them come alive; testifying to the innate spiritual power of wordless music alone.

ìI got hooked by watching Raiders of the Lost Ark in the theater like twenty-eight times,î he remembers. ìIíd never heard a soundtrack like thatóso epic. I became a serious fan of John Williams, who also did Star Wars, Saving Private Ryan and Harry Potter. I could hum something from everything heís done. I also really like Hans Zimmer ...

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