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Moriah Peters
Reunion Records

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Everyone is faced with choices that impact their lives --sometimes subtly, other times profoundly. For nineteen-year-old, singer/songwriter Moriah Peters the way she chooses to live her life is a unique and bold declaration that provides the title, and first single, of her debut album I Choose Jesus, releasing April 17 (Reunion Records).

ìIím so excited about this project -- and that song in particular,î she says with an infectious smile. ìItís the song that every other song was held up against. Itís the song that represents who Iím called to be, not only as an artist, but as a daughter of Christ. Iím called to be bold. Iím called to be strong and Iím called to speak the truth in love about who God is and what Heís done in my life.î

The stories behind this young artistís songs are what make them so genuine, honest and easy to ...

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